Thursday, December 29, 2011

More meals in November

Cottage Cheese Pancakes were one of my absolute breakfasts growing up. I do believe they are now my favorite pancake. You don't even need syrup (although one of my boys would disagree!) Mmmm... I could just taste one now with some butter smacked on it!

My Little Men, believe it or not, like broccoli and love Broccoli Cheese soup! Have you ever used one of those hand held blenders? They're great! No fuss, no mess. I just stuck it in and took some out for John and Tim (they like the bigger chunks) and then blended like crazy for the rest of us - yum!

Grandma's Birds.... what a delicious treat on a cold day! I love to freeze some when I make them for an extra meal or two. When I moved to the North Country, I was surprised no one had heard of birds. Come winter time, people began talking about 'stuffed cabbage'....
ahhhh, they do know about this warm, delightful dish, just not the right name. ;)

Isn't it just scrumptious looking?


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