Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Parade

November 19th was a busy day. First the boys and I went to Raleigh's Christmas parade and was later joined by Tim for the American Indian Festival at the Museum of History.

What a great parade! It's the largest on the East between D.C. and Atlanta. How amazing after the Massena parades (which we loved) we enjoyed! Military, Royalty, Flags, Horses, Bands, and Dancers.

We saw balloons like those seen on Macy's parade. Above our seats (excellent btw) there were traffic lights that the balloons were lowered for. Jellybeans is a rollerskating rink (Wow! 70's/80's memories). Think of the groceries that could go into the shopping cart... I'd hate to have to clean that toilet, lol!

Means of transportation... the guys got a kick out of the trolley and old cars (Tim would of loved them!) Our new mayor rode in style, as did Ronald (no King, though.... we were hoping for a Chick-Fil-A float), and biker elves?

The boys were thrilled with the Star Wars characters. It was pretty cool to travel to our galaxy and North Carolina for the parade. :)

The entertainment went on.... dogs, ponies, gummy bears, acrobats, Scooby and friends, the Grinch (3 of them.... this was our favorite), and so much more not pictured here!

 The special floats? The boys cheered the most for Swoops on the Railhawks float (Swoops turned right to the boys and waved fanatically to them.) It was great to see Christ recognized in the parade! Can you guess who the crowd cheered most for? Not Santa Claus, but North Carolina's own American Idol winner, Scott McCreery. The guys couldn't understand how he got more recognition than Swoops or Santa.

My favorite part? Spending the day with my guys. The morning started out at only 29 degrees, and was 32 by parade time. We had wonderful seats in front of the old Capitol (you can see it in the background of the tall pic). The aesthetics was simply perfect. A crisp morning, sense of family with all those around us, a beautiful setting.... next year we need Tim. :)

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