Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day of Festivities! Parade First and Now the Museum!

 Heading to the car from the parade (to return our many blankets), we heard the beating sounds of drums at the American Indian Festival at the North Carolina Museum of History. My Little Men and I stood right behind the stage of drummers and singers, incredible! It was fascinating watching the drumming, singing and dancing.

We finally pulled ourselves away to pack up the car and meet Tim. We were so glad he could join us from work. The boys were so thrilled to see him! Outside the museum a wigwam structure was fascinating the children throughout the day. Our boys were thrilled the museum offered a scavenger hunt again. They took their time reading the exhibits and watching the films to find answers to the clues.

My boys were intrigued to explore the wigwam homes opposed to the longhouses they were familiar with in Northern NY. I was drawn to this beautiful dress of 1807. It was so exquisite. The picture does not do it justice!

Joey and Johnny found some arrowhead necklaces to bring home, while Jordan was happy with his own dream catcher. Hmmmm... I wonder if milking a cow (I believe there were plenty in NY) was his dream? The boys had so much fun with this poor cow, lol! Bottom left, Jordan once again found a friend with which to chat. Ahhhhh, there's my husband watching the crowd gather outside the adjacent Museum of Natural Sciences due to a small fire.

The day was full of music, dancing, exhibits, films, and games! The boys made their own corn darts and threw them through a webbed structure. I do believe they enjoyed the blow darts, reminisce of Papa first teaching them. Another traditional game was Chunkey, similar to Bocce, but with poles instead of balls.

John, still interested in building his own canoe someday, was fascinated with the canoe building (burning) exhibit. This one should be finished by summer and a new one started at next year's festival. Lillian and Mike are the couple that check over the scavenger results at each 'family' day. We've really formed a bond with them and they look forward to seeing our boys. Next family day at the museum will be January 28th. Until then.....

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