Thursday, March 10, 2016

Experience Life in Statesboro (Part II of IV)

Week 2 (February 21st-27th)

We found a plethora of Mexican restaurants in Statesboro. Our family loves Mexican food! After hearing conflicting opinions of which is the crème de la crème, we decided to begin the quest for the best. Holy Guacamole! El Jalapeno is delicious! Do we even need to try elsewhere?... I did make a few homemade meals (not all w/pics), but still not enough for my liking. Time just gets away! 

We traveled over to the condo where Tim had been blessed with residency for about 6 months. We are forever grateful to Mike and Elaine, and Elaine’s cousin for being so generous. I would have loved to spend some more time on the beach, but after cleaning it up and gathering Tim’s belongings we were ready to head ‘home.’ 

What pleasure I found in going to the recycling center! You’re thinking, “She’s crazy!” (Yes, but I don’t see what that has to do with the center.) It’s well kept, (I love their organized system!) just around the corner, and even has a section for goodwill! Our empty boxes found a new home, along with a few items for goodwill. We’ve already made several trips.

Someone from Youngsville left these beautiful gloves on one of the trucks. THANK YOU!!!!! If you would like them back,
please let me know. Meanwhile, they are well cared for. I do not usually care to wear gloves, but these fit like a glove! I wear them any chance I get. It’s an addiction, really. I don’t think I could use a screwdriver or prune a branch without them anymore! It felt good to prune our bushes (with help from my young men), and to putter in the yard before the rain came (forewarned by mackerel skies). How gratifying to take a break, soak in the nature, and just being together again. 

Even Lily is settling in… maybe too much!


An after thought…

A delight I hadn’t anticipated… I’m a one cup a day coffee kind of gal. Not anymore! Tim sometimes leaves behind up to half of his coffee in the morning. Waste not, want not! Oh, I so look forward to those mornings! I don’t think John experiences the same delight though. I often don’t eat much of what I order, or have - and what used to end up with John, now gets offered to his dad first. :)

Experiencing Life in Statesboro (Part I of IV)

One thing I love about living in different areas is the adventure. It’s scary and exciting to discover a place – its land, people, and amenities. There is some of each from the areas I’ve traveled and lived that hold on tight to my heart. Our life in Statesboro is just beginning. As we’ve been told more than once, “Welcome to the REAL south!”

Week 1 (February 14th-20th)

 Our first full week was busy with unpacking, deep cleaning, minor repairs, and discoveries. Our first ‘O my goodness, it’s late and we need food!’ run led us to Krystal. My guys found a new favorite – from burgers to chicken sandwiches to shrimp. All were happy. During lunch one day, we had leftover wings from feeding the gang who helped us moved in. John and I decided one of us likes cleaner bones than the other, or were just hungrier. Any guesses who? We also ventured over to Uncle Shug’s Fried Chicken. Ummmm…. They had some fun pics on the walls, and the company was outstanding! Of course, the best food came out of our own kitchen - made with love. It felt so good to be a family sitting around the table, knowing it would be for longer than a handful of days.

A BP gas adventure made our week! John and I explored a bread outlet around the corner, followed by a BP before hitting the Dollar General next door. The grocery store we now frequent, BI-LO, is paired with BP. Gas was pretty low to begin with, but with our reward points we made out at $1.09/gal! I suppose another outing piqued the boys’ interest. AAA ‘broke’ into our car so we could get the keys from the trunk. My young men thought it was cool. I thought it was cool we had AAA, and that they were quick!

While unpacking boxes, nerf bullets have been discovered in strange places… they do add up! Some of our fixing up has included a leak in the roof (my guys were having way too much fun up there), and a stubborn stain on the vinyl floor. I’ve tried several different remedies to no avail. The floor has lightened a bit, but that’s all. Any ideas? When not busy working, the guys have had fun playing (yep, nerf, also), going for walks, and enjoying our yard – we all appreciate it. You should see our ‘Wateringhole Branch’ stream moving after a good rain. In the sun green anoles have surfaced around our house. They seem to be living around our propane tank. The one surprise is the sweetgum trees. The only reason we moved from Youngsville was to get away from them, and here they are - not for long! (Well, maybe it wasn’t the only reason…)

As you can see, I'm experimenting with different picture formats. A huge delay to my postings is due to the frustration I find with getting the placement of photos to my liking. I found a site,, which is much easier than what I had been using. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Can't Believe The Day of Moving is Here....

Friday, February 12, I woke praising God for the great weather. My feet dragged, hoping to delay the inevitable. I believe everyone’s feet were behaving the same. After our last breakfast as North Carolinians, we said more goodbyes, loaded up Lily, and headed for a new season.

The drive went from tears to pings of excitement. I was thrilled to see the price of gas in Florence, South Carolina. I believe Lily was just as interested, demanding to roam freely at moments along the way. I was pleased she only dined on our plants, instead of using them for other forms of entertainment. The anticipation grew as the Savannah Bridge appeared in sight. Almost seven months living without Tim had been way too long! God grew us all during that time; but knowing He was bringing us back together for longer than a weekend, brought me deep joy. Arriving in Savannah meant signing for the closing of our new home. It was a moving day for our new friend, Stephanie, as well. Our family marked her first closing!

Due to rush hour, driving the final leg took almost an hour and a half. Peace settled within me upon seeing our ‘Saddle Creek’ entrance, and new home. Once all we brought was unloaded and beds were put together, we crashed. I was thankful to have a day to clean out boxes, and for the boys to begin unpacking their room before another load came with Mike and Dad and Mom Clemens. What a joy and blessing to see them again ~ Celebrating Valentine’s Day with ones we love! Although they had to turn around quickly, every moment was special. It meant so much to our family for them to share in this new journey. 

                                                                                                      ~ Jenny ~

Here's two of our boys taking a break from unpacking and taking advantage of no furniture in the living room....