Thursday, March 10, 2016

Experience Life in Statesboro (Part II of IV)

Week 2 (February 21st-27th)

We found a plethora of Mexican restaurants in Statesboro. Our family loves Mexican food! After hearing conflicting opinions of which is the crème de la crème, we decided to begin the quest for the best. Holy Guacamole! El Jalapeno is delicious! Do we even need to try elsewhere?... I did make a few homemade meals (not all w/pics), but still not enough for my liking. Time just gets away! 

We traveled over to the condo where Tim had been blessed with residency for about 6 months. We are forever grateful to Mike and Elaine, and Elaine’s cousin for being so generous. I would have loved to spend some more time on the beach, but after cleaning it up and gathering Tim’s belongings we were ready to head ‘home.’ 

What pleasure I found in going to the recycling center! You’re thinking, “She’s crazy!” (Yes, but I don’t see what that has to do with the center.) It’s well kept, (I love their organized system!) just around the corner, and even has a section for goodwill! Our empty boxes found a new home, along with a few items for goodwill. We’ve already made several trips.

Someone from Youngsville left these beautiful gloves on one of the trucks. THANK YOU!!!!! If you would like them back,
please let me know. Meanwhile, they are well cared for. I do not usually care to wear gloves, but these fit like a glove! I wear them any chance I get. It’s an addiction, really. I don’t think I could use a screwdriver or prune a branch without them anymore! It felt good to prune our bushes (with help from my young men), and to putter in the yard before the rain came (forewarned by mackerel skies). How gratifying to take a break, soak in the nature, and just being together again. 

Even Lily is settling in… maybe too much!


An after thought…

A delight I hadn’t anticipated… I’m a one cup a day coffee kind of gal. Not anymore! Tim sometimes leaves behind up to half of his coffee in the morning. Waste not, want not! Oh, I so look forward to those mornings! I don’t think John experiences the same delight though. I often don’t eat much of what I order, or have - and what used to end up with John, now gets offered to his dad first. :)

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