Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Can't Believe The Day of Moving is Here....

Friday, February 12, I woke praising God for the great weather. My feet dragged, hoping to delay the inevitable. I believe everyone’s feet were behaving the same. After our last breakfast as North Carolinians, we said more goodbyes, loaded up Lily, and headed for a new season.

The drive went from tears to pings of excitement. I was thrilled to see the price of gas in Florence, South Carolina. I believe Lily was just as interested, demanding to roam freely at moments along the way. I was pleased she only dined on our plants, instead of using them for other forms of entertainment. The anticipation grew as the Savannah Bridge appeared in sight. Almost seven months living without Tim had been way too long! God grew us all during that time; but knowing He was bringing us back together for longer than a weekend, brought me deep joy. Arriving in Savannah meant signing for the closing of our new home. It was a moving day for our new friend, Stephanie, as well. Our family marked her first closing!

Due to rush hour, driving the final leg took almost an hour and a half. Peace settled within me upon seeing our ‘Saddle Creek’ entrance, and new home. Once all we brought was unloaded and beds were put together, we crashed. I was thankful to have a day to clean out boxes, and for the boys to begin unpacking their room before another load came with Mike and Dad and Mom Clemens. What a joy and blessing to see them again ~ Celebrating Valentine’s Day with ones we love! Although they had to turn around quickly, every moment was special. It meant so much to our family for them to share in this new journey. 

                                                                                                      ~ Jenny ~

Here's two of our boys taking a break from unpacking and taking advantage of no furniture in the living room....

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