Sunday, March 25, 2012


I'm back on! The goal is to stay up to date and give y'all some flashbacks of what's happened. We did have some Birthdays... my Little Men have all decided to age another year! Jordan is now 10. John and Joseph love to tell me they're now half of 24! Ouch! They are growing way toooooooo fast!

December... Jordan was so excited for his first birthday in North Carolina. His menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm so glad he loves Brie! Granny shared the same Birthday as Jordan. She would call him her 'Birthday Boy.' Jordan insisted Granny was on the cake with him. *love* This year Jordan's request was a 'Bakugan volcano'. Happy Birthday, Jordan!

I ended up having a Bday, too. It was nice to have my parents up and spend the day with my guys. My age? Well, I'm half of.... or twice as much as.... would sound better. :)

February... John and Joseph started out with hearty eggs sandwiches. Yum! Granny used to make house cakes for Chris and I as kids. John and Joe come up with different themes each year. (I'm glad they agree on what they want!) This year was the first the boys helped. All three of my Little Men took part in creating the 'train' theme.

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  1. I love these pictures.. did you know that Zofia wanted a volcano cake this year as well??!! I wish I had a pic.. only have action video.. Why haven't you posted?!! Miss you! Keep your eyes open for a box soon! xoxo.