Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cookie Day!!!

Tonight was cookie night. After lunch at Greek Fiesta, we stopped by Lowes Foods to pick up meat for burgers for dinner. Walking by the pastry section, the Kentucky and UNC cupcakes caught my attention. They looked good! But they weren’t our teams. I thought I could go home and make FSU cupcakes.

Once home, I napped and then woke thinking, ‘cookies!’  I made what Jordan named the ‘Brownie Cookie.’ I had played around a bit and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. The Brownie Cookie was a hit with all my tasters!

Once those were baked, I pulled out of the fridge peanut butter dough I had chilling. It’s a good recipe from Mom. They were my favorites as a child (and my Little Men love them as well.) My tasters were happy they were getting two types of cookie  and wondered what kind I was making next. Ha!

See the large canister on the left? One would think it held flour, but not this one! When I was growing up, my Granny lived across the street. I spent many a days there. Inside this canister there would sometimes be cookies! These cookies are for ya, Granny!
After a delicious dinner of burgers, salad, and fruit we played a family game of Skip-Bo. Jordan had the great idea of playing for…. Money? Nope. Cookies!!! Lol! Of course, who won the first hand? Jordan! No wonder he suggested it!


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