Friday, August 17, 2012

Heading North...

Yikes!!! It's been awhile! We'll see if I do better at keeping this up.... It would be really difficult to catch up what's been going on, so we'll start from today.

My Little Men and I (not so little anymore) left today to drive back to NY. We're looking forward of a week of camping, friends, and family. Oh, and let's not forget ~ No Poisonous Spiders!!!! (Sensing we have spiders in NC? You're right! :)

At this point I tried to upload some pics to my blog, but received an error!  BUMMER!!!

The trip through NC and a good part of VA was made off the interstate ~ how pleasant! Except, I did pick up a hitchhiker and killed it. Not good. You'd be less horrified to learn it was a humongous killer bee ~ at least 1 1/2 feet. Okay, so it was only 1 1/2 inches and probably not a KILLER bee. Still it occupied me while my copilot, Jordan, slept. Joseph was also asleep in the waaaaayyyy back. John, in the middle, might as well have been sleeping as he was so involved in his book he didn't notice when we (I) committed murder. Poor bee. At least we survived.

The boys were thrilled in VA to find a Sonic for dinner. I was thrilled with my special drink for those of us who can't eat real food. ;p Yeah, travelling with tooth woes. I'm on the mend, but to make a long story short, I broke a tooth down into my gum, had it extracted and an implant (isn't that a nice word for a screw???) put in. Yep. I'm a cyborg. My boys are proud to be my sons now, lol!

Well, this really isn't the same without pics. I'll post those on facebook. Maybe I can figure how to get past this error I'm getting. Anyways, we made it to our favorite stop in Maryland - the Country Inn and Suites next to Chucky Cheese. There is also a Popeye's here - the very one that my friend, Valerie, had her very first chicken from (and to my knowledge has not had their chicken since.) Of course, not because of Popeye's - they have great chicken! But because there aren't any in the North Country.

On that note, I'm going to upload pics to fb (if I can), take a pain med, and go to sleep.

Good night, all
                                                               ~ Jenny ~


  1. Hey Jen! Just stumbled across you blog. I have tried blogging but found it too lonely. Doesn't seem like many are into following others on the blog as the do on other social sites. But anyway I wanted to you to know I was here on your blog!

    1. It's good to see you on here! Part of why I stopped blogging, was that it seemed like not many kept up with it. I had started it because people had wanted to keep in touch after we moved. I'm hoping to keep it up better this year... and maybe learn how to blog better so it's more user friendly. I'd love to hear more from ya! :)