Sunday, August 21, 2011

End of Summer

I spent most of Saturday getting ready for homeschooling and digging around in a hot garage for either my highschool diploma or college degree.... I'll be making phone calls tomorrow. I can't believe that tomorrow will begin our 7th year of homeschooling! There were scary times ('What if I'm not teaching them the right things or equipped to give them all they need?....'), but I totally LOVE teaching them, watching them grow, and getting able to spend so much time together as a family. We were spoiled with a special schooling area up north. Here, the school room is share with Jordan's bedroom. He loves having the table and computer (sorry, password protected). I'm wondering what kind of mess we'll be schooling in, lol! Tomorrow, we're going to go to the apartment office and see if they'll allow us to dig a hole, put a canning jar in, and try to catch insects for a couple of days. Lol! It's different not having your own woods when it comes to using the woods and ponds for science (and art.... spray painting outside, etc.) We'll make do. :) I'm also not going to be able to post my Little Men's work all over the walls... we'll just have to be creative. I wonder if we could use the clubhouse to display their work? ;)

This morning was a great time of worship at Providence. The kids really enjoy it there and we found out about different Sunday School classes for them... so many for us to choose from. We're thinking about plopping ourselves down and ending the search... we'll see. Jordan said he really liked it even though he didn't fall asleep. What a guy!

We celebrated our last day of summer with a movie night. Tim took the guys to see Harry Potter. Jordie and I went to Maggie Moos before watching Spy Kids 3D. It was suppose to be 4D. We both agreed that didn't go over too well. We were given these scratch n sniff cards that you scratch when the coinciding number flashes on the screen. Jordie and I thought they all smelled pretty much the same with no distinct smells. It was still a fun movie. John and Joe were thrilled to finally have seen an HP on the big screen. All in all a delightful evening.

Btw... I love avocado! ♥

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