Friday, August 19, 2011

A Lazy Day...

I do believe all of my energy left me last night while watching soccer, or maybe it was my lack of sleep? The boys and I started the day off with a walk. Our complex doesn't have a walking trail per se, but the sidewalks along the second entrance do fine. The boys stayed outside by our patio to play soccer for awhile. I could just see the ball going through a window. I'm thankful it's soccer and not baseball, lol!

Poor Lily would love to be out with them. She did escape the other day and I ran like a young whippersnapper to get her. Hmmm.... harness shopping would be good.

I did get a load of laundry done. This is very significant, because as I was pulling the wet clothes from the washing machine, this nasty humongous beetle (okay, a little over an inch long and about 1/2" wide) was having a party in the bottom. Not cool!!!!

On to better things; the boys enjoyed making pretzels this afternoon and into very interesting shapes. They sure do like being in the kitchen. Then during the hottest part of the day I was searching in the garage for my diploma. I need to send it in to the state for homeschooling. No luck.... it's in one of the boxes marked, 'basement.' All my other boxes were so detailed - drat! Tomorrow, I'm going to have to dig in and get dirty!

My Little Men convinced me into taking them down to the pool this afternoon, while I sat there working on lesson plans. One of these days I'm going to dive in with them! Well, goodnight my friends! (as my husband is patiently waiting) ♥


  1. Hmmmm.... maybe not such a lazy day after all! :)

  2. Huh? A diploma for homeschooling? Really?!?!

  3. I have to give them a copy of my highschool or college degree within 2 days of sending in my letter of intent. Hence, I have my letter ready to go, but won't send it in until I dig deep. I'm still going to start Mon., though, lol! :)