Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three first days of schooling...

We're definetly getting back into the swing of things. It's very different being in a small apartment instead of a roomy house with our own yard to experiment on. But, we're loving it! Wherever we live, we're a family and we're at 'home.' Some things with schooling get easier as my Little Men are growing (and will someday be men...), and some aspects are more difficult.

One of my children is going to be President of the United States someday. His first act in office will be making a law that kids don't have to do school anywhere at anytime. He had a lot of 'fun' during school today and said he might have to change his position on where he stands about schooling when President, lol! Watch out, DC!

Hmmm... Our boys had a science project to identify and observe leaves, including their midribs, cells, and stomatas. Somehow the magnifying glasses ended up being used to smoke some pine needles on our patio. They wanted to show me what Papa had taught them, lol! Only with adult supervision of course....
On our walk Monday, (I've been trying to walk everyday with the boys. At this point, only a mile) we came across a couple of dead snakes. The boys showed their Dad when he came home. I had him bring the camera. Only one was to be found (Jordan had thrown the other into the bushes - yuck!) and it was now covered with ants. The guys thought that was way cool and needed to be in the blog.... this one's for you! (Too bad I couldn't make the picture any smaller!)

After that snake picture, I can't believe I'm going to show pics of food. During my homeschooling days, meals usually tend to be irregular (and the housework falls behind, and probably the blogging....) I have had the opportunity to make a couple of dinners. One of our family's favorite is Cheese Pie (Quiche to most, but 'Pie' to guys since 'real men' don't eat quiche, lol!) Joseph picks all the bacon out. He's not a big bacon eater unless it's very crunchy, and still not all the time. Next time we'll make it with spinach. I can't believe my boys are spinach eaters! (Not complaining, though!)

Our family really enjoys Indian food. We can't wait to check out some of the restaurants in this area. We've found a mix (Yes, a mix. Those who know me well, know that I don't usually use a mix.) for Butter Chicken.... yummy!!!!! It's very tasty! We served it with basmati rice and stewed tomatoes... Yes, the tomatoes weren't an 'Indian' dish, but my boys love stewed tomatoes with Parmesan cheese on them roasted forever. Next time I shall have plain yogurt on hand to make riata, though. It's the perfect side to an Indian dish... along with Pappadom and chutneys, too! ♥

                                                             Oh, the foil trick is one my Mom taught me;
                                                             it keeps the crust from getting dark.

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