Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Trip to Tennessee

Friday was spent giving haircuts and finishing up the first week of school. One of my boys helped me out with their haircut. Hmmm.... I do believe there are barber schools around here.

Jordan loves having the school room in his room. He's right at home doing his work in the 'teacher's' chair and listening to itunes. Jordan believes that everybody knows the best way to work is with music. Hey, whatever works! All my Little Men had a great week.

What's school without a field trip? Right away we take off for Tennesse. Although Hurricane Irene was on her way up the coast Saturday, our reasoning was for Shane's (my brother-in-law) birthday. We had some rain and wind as we were leaving. This little guy was staying behind to ride it out, along with Lily.

It wasn't too long before the rain and wind was left behind. I-40's a beautiful drive, especially through the Smoky Mountains. I don't ever tire of the picturesque mountains and valleys. The boys love going through the tunnels. It's amazing to be driving through a mountain...

The boys settled in right away at their Aunt Jan's. John roped Jan into playing checkers at once. A cousin, Keely was there with a friend. They all had fun playing outside and climbing fences. To be young again!  We've been told it's their second home next to our apartment. Joe's ready to move in. He wishes he could wake up there every morning. I wonder if it has anything to do with the spoiling his Aunt does on him? :)

Most of the family gang came over Saturday night for Knight's pizza and wings. Absolutely the best! (Well, a pizza place in John's Pass Village, Madeira Beach, Fl, might have them beat. We'd have to try both in a blind taste test.) I only wish I hadn't had a horrible migraine and could of enjoyed both food and company more. Thanks, Heather, for having a 'sympathy' migraine, too. ;)

This was a short visit and most of it centered around family and food! We did get a chance to see Donna and Shane's new home. Very lovely. Max even has his own throne! Before going to their house on Sunday, we did visit Generations Church with Heather, my niece. The boys loved the kids' zone... and the goodies they were able to bring home. It was great worshipping with Heather and Jan, if only it wasn't such a commute!

Dinner was in celebration of Shane's birthday (and so was lunch... Mexican!) at Maggiano's. What a fun evening! Great food! Great family & friends! The kids enjoyed having their own booth behind us. Their waiter was patient, fun, and joked around with them quite a bit. Shane was quite surprised when lemon cookies came out with candles on them. Happy Birthday!

We headed back Monday, but not without a detour. Tim left his credit card at Maggiano's and two of our boys decided to toss their cookies (left that pic out) on the way there... too much of a good thing? We were fortunate that someone was at Maggiano's, and then on our way through the mountains again. We were hoping to visit my Aunt Jan in Fountain City (Knoxville), but it just didn't work out this time... next time. :)

 Today was spent unpacking, cleaning, and laundry. I did read the NC drivers handbook this morning and Tim and I took our driver's test (passed with flying colors!) One step closer! In a week or two we should receive our licenses and then we'll get our plates - wahoo!!!! John and Joseph were fitted for new glasses. Joseph was displeased until he found the perfect pair... you'll have to wait for them to come in for a picture! Poor Jordan. The one with perfect vision longs to wear glasses. John and Joe tried telling him how lucky he has it. The grass is always greener....

btw... Have ya ever seen your vinegar separate in oil to a face? Only Britt & Jenny!