Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finally.... today

What does one do when they're up early, fed a healthy breakfast, and ready to leave for soccer games only to discover they're cancelled on account of rain and soaked fields? Here's what our house did...

Tim was already at work. He was up and out by 5am, which explains why I'm the only one awake right now. I enjoyed chatting with my folks while the boys played and watched some cartoons. Then, on to shopping. Harris Teeter. I do love that store! It was even better today with triple coupons and $2.97 milk! (Milk here is EXPENSIVE!)

 Once home, my Little Men helped with groceries, cleaned their rooms, and then grabbed the Life game. It was great having them set up at the dining table, chatting back & forth, the Ipod playing on the Bose, and myself in the kitchen.

Yep, the kitchen. That's where I spent the rest of my day! Happily!

First on my agenda was meals for another evening. Nothing like playing with the meat! I made a couple of meatloafs in a blanket of bacon, taco fillings for a couple of meals, and burgers for a couple more. The boys really want me to make salt burgers. I'm not sure that's a good idea with our touchy smoke detectors. They go off when the water is boiling or taco mix is cooking... speaking from recent experience here.

It was nice when Tim came home somewhere after the meatloaf and before starting on dinner. The kids continued to play Life and Tim was able to work on more work at the counter.... loving the stools!

Dinner was a combination of a couple of new recipes. From Best Country Recipes, I tried the Baked Potato Fans. The topping for it was amazing... homemade breadcrumbs, butter, Jack & Parmesan cheese, paprika, garlic powder, and s&p. We all agreed it'd be good for Cheese Toast and on  Mac n' Cheese. Good stuff.
My niece, Heather, had just posted about French Onion Bread Soup by Tracey Seaman from Rachael Ray's magazine (Mar '08). Thanks, Heather ~ it's a keeper! I picked up a nice baguette today for the soup along with gruyere cheese. We will add more broth next time (serving 5 instead of 4 and our baquette was a sponge!) and I'm thinking about mixing in a little gouda with the gruyere. It was delicious, though... perfect for our damp, rainy weather.

Tim's plate.... he does love his onions!
Goodnight y'all!

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