Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What a weekend!

Saturday and Sunday were full of fun. My Little Men had been pumped up about Saturday, and it turned out to be amazing!

Saturday started out with both John & Jordan having games at 9am. We had a power breakfast of yogurt and oatmeal and headed out into the light rain. I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing the teams pray before their games. So cool! I was glad their fields were next to each other. I stood between both hoping not to miss any plays. Jordan was really getting in there and John was running like a gazelle. I just love soccer! (It does help that my guys are playing!)

Joseph had his own set up in the rain. He traded off watching both games, taking pictures, and reading Archie. He was sure to keep the drizzle off of him and enjoyed staying warm (the Crocs don't make sense.) with a Cafe Mocha, breve style. What a life!

Colonial had a family fun festival beginning after the first set of games. The boys had a blast! The boys were a bit disappointed the Railhawks didn't come due to the rain (Colonial had made the call), but that didn't stop them from having fun! The gym was full of inflatables - bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, and a bungee trampoline! John and I took turns waiting in line for over 2 hours for John and Joseph to have a turn. It was so cool!

In another area, the boys played all sorts of games for tickets. They all visited the prize table for many goodies. Joseph was addicted! He played until he could purchase itune gift cards... to share with his brothers - what a guy! There were many other activities, too... Jordan was thrilled to win at Putt-Putt! I was so proud of him; Jordan helped the attendant to one of the games for quite awhile. They all had such a good time. The best was still to come....

 RAILHAWKS... the local professional soccer game. I do believe my guys (all 4 of them) are fans for life. Okay, I may be hooked, too! The kids were thrilled to meet Swoops (mascot), while walking up the parking lot. He was personable. Once inside, there were more inflatables - bounce houses and hoop practice. We scoped out the place, got some dogs and found our seats. We had one exciting night watching the North Carolina Railhawks play the Minnesota Stars. I tell ya, some pretty unfair calls though. My voice was hoarse by the end of the night and I still sound froggy! This was the last game of the regular season and they're #1!... They did lose by 1, not worth mentioning. It was fan appreciation night. After the game, the players and the coach (so cool!) went around, gave high 5's and then autographs. The players signed the back of John's shirt, posters given to the boys (first 1,000 fans), our Railhawks ball, and even Jordan's DS! The coach thought it was really cool that Jordan wanted the DS signed and was happy to hear that Jordan plays a soccer game on it. All the guys were psyched to have their pic taken with Matt Watson. I'm tellin' ya, fans for life! In fact, hmmm, I'm still a little hesitant. We were looking at going to the Duke/FSU football game here on the 15th of Oct. Wouldn't ya know? That's the night of a playoff game! The boys are choosing the Railhawks over FSU! Unbelievable! Okay, now ya know where our family will be on the 15th!

I think that was enough for Saturday night. :)

Sunday was another great day of worship at Providence. Tim and I were 'helpers' in Jordan's class. Fun! A few of the leaders at Providence have developed their own curriculum (and is available for other churches.) It's incredible! I love it!

Sunday afternoon we went to a neighbor's birthday party for their son. Desmond turned 4 and celebrated at Chuck-E-Cheese. Needless to say, my guys had a great time. (I couldn't believe they were still going!) Desmond was scared to go into the ticket booth, Joseph was thrilled to go in for him. (Jordan lost to the rock-paper-scissors.) Lol! I had never seen such a thing in action. Pretty cool!

I do believe I'm still recovering from the busy, but fun weekend.

On a side note.... We had salt burgers (yum!) and roasted potatoes one night. I'm surprised the smoke detectors didn't alarm with the burgers cooking. Yay! While shopping, the kids spotted Miami rolls, and begged for Fried Egg Sandwiches. I first had these while visiting my cousin north of the City (NYC.) They would be made with salt, pepper, and ketchup... or with jam. We do ours the savory way. Fry the bacon.... toast the rolls in the bacon grease, cook the eggs in the bacon grease, and then layer the egg, cheese, & bacon on the roll. Top it with salt, pepper, and ketchup and ya have very happy, greasy kids, lol!


  1. Remember that team that prayed before each robotics match at the competition? Very moving! Oh! I am going to have printed t-shirts for the kids to wear to Sam's robotics comp this year (YAY homeschooling! we can go the whole day!!!!) Homeschooling question for you...how do you get it all done? All the schooling? Cooking? Housework?

  2. I do remember! The whole robotics experience was amazing. My boys are still buzzing about it. It's great you can go all day. We sure are going to miss it!

    Oh, April! There were times I told Tim, "Schooling, house, meals, or woodstove... pick one." Those were frustrating days when we first got the stove and I struggled between schooling in the cold or tending to the fire.

    Remember, my boys are in 6th and 4th grade. They can do a lot more independent work now once teaching is done. It was much more difficult when I had more than one learning to read, as you do now. The main focus at your stage is their learning to read, basic writing, and basic math. History/Science/Health are a support for them to learn to read at this point.

    A valuable lesson I learned is that you're not doing 'school' at home. I believe that is harder when you've gone to school for teaching like ourselves. Remember why you're homeschooling. It's not just the learning, but the heart behind the learning. It'll come, April. Your style, their style/needs will begin to mesh. It's a whole new way of knowing your children (and it keeps changing.) Remember, you can modify the curriculum anyway you desire!

    Cooking? Housework? At this stage, while they're young, there is always Saturday for both, lol! Oh, yeah, and quick meals (Quesadillas! Tacos, crock-pot), a load of laundry here and there, and don't forget Sam!

    Good luck, April. You can't be 'SuperMom,Teacher,and Wife.' One day at a time. It'll fall into place with God's leading. :)

  3. Jam is still my favorite way to have it! What a great weekend!! Love all your photo montages.. thanks for sharing.. :-)

  4. Well said Jen! Homeschooling is amazing!