Sunday, September 18, 2011


...should be outlawed on Sundays! I was soooooo looking forward to Providence this morning. UGH! Too bad Providence didn't have an afternoon service, lol! The boys think they should only be allowed on school days and they'd let me take the day off teaching. How kind. :) 
Tim and the boys watched Andy Stanley this morning. I guess he wasn't a hit once he talked about how the spouse was more important than the kids (and should spend time together out ALONE), lol! It did give us an opportunity to discuss it. I asked the boys if things for them were better when Mama and Dad were doing well or arguing. They all agreed life was better when Dad and Mama are happy with each other! They now like Andy Stanley and think we should go out more. :)

I'm enjoying the afternoon with my favorite guys. Yay! It's football season!!!! The Panthers are on (now that we live in NC, and the Bucs aren't televised (Bucs are losing.))... Go Panthers! It's been a good game. Green Bay did just get a touchdown though.

I do have one new picture to share. Jordan was awake and in the bathroom for awhile last night at 10pm.... I was quite surprised to see him 'shaving.' Not to worry, he doesn't use a blade.... not yet.


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