Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not blogging frequently means I have a life, right?

Nope. It just means I haven't gotten around to putting pics on the computer and that I'm pooped by the end of the day! So much to catch up on.... will have to do it over a couple of days. I'm about ready to fall asleep now.

After Dad & Mom arrived and were given a super duper quick tour of the apt., we zoomed to John & Joe's practice. It was nice they got to catch a bit of it. Both boys met us with beat red faces... I really should take a pic of the church they practice at... Colonial. It's HUGE. It's nice they offer many activities for the community. Well, there are my parents, not resting after the drive, but watching the guys. :)

We did some games while they were here... marbles. Here they're all huddled jumping over each other's marbles. We played a little pounce. A wonderful game (great eye/hand coordination with speed) I used to play with Granny. *sigh*. Hmmm... it was fun, although not many people like to play or will play with me anymore. Hmph! I took it easy on all, though - 'cept the last round when I got to play my heart out! I am slowing down, lol! Arthritis will do that to ya. Oh, and a personal favorite, Canasta. That was for the grown-ups. My Little Men do love to play it, though.

My parents did receive a proper tour of the apartment, complex, and surroundings. We drove through William Ulmstead Park, which is just beautiful. In fact, the boys and I went there today. A trip to BJ's (this one is enormous! All North Country friends should take a trip down to see it, lol!) to get John and Joe's new glasses. Johnny was thrilled to get transitional lenses... and Joey was psyched with his Harry Potter look. What a pair!

Okay, well we must eat. At home we enjoyed some meatloaf and cheese pie. The pie was with spinach this time. Joe prefers the spinach (he's not a big bacon eater) and was therefore ecstatic! My kids amaze me at times with their food choices! Really, what's wrong with bacon?  Oh, yes, for Labor Day Tim grilled dogs out by the pool. (Don't worry. No animals were hurt in the process.) The guys even had a chance to swim for awhile.

Tim & I had been waiting for my parents to try an Indian restaurant here. We'd been eyeing Zayka's. Wow! Talk about delish!!!! It was incredible. I've enjoyed some fantastic Indian food before, but Wow! Amazing! We'll definitely be back!!!! Oh, my... see the pic? Joey's drinking a sample of Mango Lassi. We couldn't believe the size of his drink that came. My sweet tooth, Joey, couldn't finish it. (Good for him!!!).... Hmmm... still in search for a good Mexican restaurant. Harder than I thought.

Before my folks took off, we grabbed some shots... the view from our patio and the patio itself. It was nice to have them visit. We sure do love company. :) Y'all are pretty much caught up through the 7th.... Maybe tomorrow night I'll have a chance to write more. As for now, off to bed! Oops! Not quite yet. I do need to find a dollar coin for under John's pillow. :)


  1. Beautiful pics, Jenny! One question - does Aunt Laurie and Uncle Joe KNOW that you are posting pics of them online?!!! :) xoxox, Tory

  2. I am so enjoying your blogs Jenny! Love, AJ

  3. tell Joe I love his new glasses *hugs*

  4. Thanks y'all for the encouragement! Lol, Tory! One reason I started this blog was so my folks could see what's going on... yep, they're informed. :)

    Miss all three of ya, much! ♥

    Joe's face lit up at that, Val!

  5. This is great! I am seeing so much of where you are living.