Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Verdict is in...

... a much better day today, wahooooooo! *sigh* Schooling went well, with some bumps along the way. I do love seeing my Little Men overcome obstacles they face. It's such a joy (even on the not so good days) to have my guys at home.

I am missing John and Jordan's first soccer practice. BUMMER!!!!! Besides loving to watch them (soccer is my fav. sport), I was hoping to meet some other Mom's and find out about the homeschool group there... we'll see how well Tim does, lol!

Why am I missing soccer practice? Joey and I are here waiting for my parents... WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! We're excited to see them and show off our new home. Is everything in its perfect place? Nope, things still in boxes. Am I stressed? Nope. I'm definitely learining that I don't have to be a perfect wife, mother, daughter, or friend. Okay, remind me of that anytime. It's one I'm still learning, but I do have my boys to keep me humble and remind me that I'm not perfect, lol! I love those guys!!!! :)

Okay, they should be here soon and Joey wants to do something on Webkinz... see ya! ♥

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