Saturday, November 5, 2011

Catchin' up.... Where did October go?

Yikes! It's been a month... full of fun days, sick days, Providence days, soccer days, crazy days, school days, family days, and friend days. Where do I begin? How about with food!!!! Yum! We all love food sooooooo much. (Okay, some more than others.) I certainly do like creating in the kitchen, especially when my Little Men are in there with me.

One night we made a delicious roast (and I'm NOT a roast person, doing it for my guys) with veggies. I was pleasantly surprised and my guys enjoyed it. What was even more incredible (I thought) was cooking the leftovers down the next evening and making 'sloppy joes'.... yum! A definite winner. I also threw the leftover veggies into the cast iron and gave 'em a nice crisp...             No more leftovers! Do I remember what I did? Lol!!!! NO! *sigh* I do need to keep track of these things! (I was so sure it would be a loser... roast, right?)

 Before I share more dinners, a little breakfast and lunch to reveal. Our boys LOVE Baked Oatmeal! I found the recipe in a cherished Amish cookbook. Living in NY's North Country for many years, I was fortunate enough to live among the Amish. I found their 'simple' life fascinating. Although, I didn't find anything 'simple' about how hard working and devoted they are. As much as I hint and suggest, my husband has no desire to 'simplify' to the point of no electricity or vehicles. When it boils down to it, I would miss my photos. Back to the oatmeal. I did add a fruit topping (depending on what's on hand) to it that now the boys won't let me do without. Another delicious breakfast, which I don't make as often as I'd like, is grits. Now, I realize there are some people who like sugar on there grits. Not me! (And what my boys don't know won't hurt them!) I love to fry up some bacon and poor on the butter and maybe even some garlic powder. I could go make a batch right now!

Quesadillas are an easy lunch for my Little Men. They like to choose their own 'guts.' When avocados are present, guacamole is made! In fact, the boys devour the quesadillas, while I chow on the guac! It's my Granny's recipe. Funny thing is Granny didn't care for guacamole, but she sure did make a mean one!

Jordan likes to create in the kitchen. This is one he'll eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner... granola, bananas, yogurt, cinnamon, and agave nectar. Sometimes he adds raisins or dried cranberries. I like to throw in some toasted almonds...
Ahhhhh, Rib Dinner. These ribs are extremely easy. Once grill season was over, we would miss our ribs. Not anymore! Chef Prudhomme has some excellent spices available including Meat Magic. Rub the magic onto some ribs and let them bake in the oven. Mmmmm.... I can smell them now.

This time the ribs were served with Parsley Potatoes and Cheese Toast (makes the kiddos real happy.) I fell in love with Parsley Potatoes when my parents took me to Kojak's House of Ribs in Tampa, FL. Oh, my! I don't believe Paula Deen uses that much butter (and parsley). They've since become a favorite here.We do extra potatoes for left overs the next morning. Yep. Mash 'em a little and throw 'em into the cast iron pan!

There is nothing like homemade Mac N Cheese. I especially like my Mom's. It's the best, hands down. But is that what I made? Nope. I have boys that don't like bacon in it, bread crumbs on top, or the large macaroni. Goodness! In fact, one boy doesn't care for pasta. *sigh* All three saw this recipe in Cook's Country Magazine and thought they'd like to have it. Okay, consider it done. It was different from Mom's, but enjoyable. The outcome? Satisfied all but one.... still searching.

I would love to add more, but I'm just exhausted! Who knows if any of this post makes sense considering my eyes are being held opened with toothpicks. I hope to continue tomorrow,... probably in the evening.

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