Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catchin' up... Halloween Time!

Getting close to the end of October... For Halloween this year Jordan wanted a stealth Ninja costume, John wanted to be a Bird, and Joseph visualized his 'Mystery Kid' costume.

Jordan, already in red, looked like a cardinal (his fav. bird at the moment) in John's costume. We stretched Halloween over two weekends. Our apartment had a gathering the weekend before. The guys had fun making candied apples and a trial run of their costumes. Our upstairs friend, Desmond, joined us.

 Halloween weekend was rough. Jordan had been sick with allergies and tummy stuff. Providence had a Fall Festival event on Saturday for which John volunteered. He loved helping the kids 'bowl'. John thought it was cool to see our apartment manager's family and our upstairs family, too. It sounds like an amazing event, lazer tag and other fun activities for the older kids.

Sunday after church we trekked over to the Museum of Natural Science meeting up with Jim, Sevy, and Desmond. They were having a special 'spooky' event with spiders and snakes... boy heaven! It all started with Mystery Kid becoming a green spider. :)

Many areas had 'creatures' for the kids to pet, lucky them! Parents were glad there was hand sanitizer at each table after touching snakes, crocodiles, hissing cockroaches and more. Jordan was in his element! He loved carrying on conversations with many of the volunteers.

 There were other 'creatures' the guys didn't touch. I will confirm that the snake was real. After the first pic, (and I didn't use flash as not to disturb this reptile that could burst through the thick, double paned, bullet-proof glass at anytime,) he fiercely swung his head around as if ready to attack. I quickly moved on with no desire to entertain his thoughts anymore...   Aren't poison dart frogs cute?

We marvelled at 'preserved' exhibits. I just love the cluster of Monarch Butterflies. This fall we saw several small clusters around the apartments. One of my favorite shells to collect as a child was the cat's eye. I have a hard time finding them now. Joseph was probably daydreaming of fishing with his Papa here, while John is thinking of becoming a famed guitarist.

The museum also had crafts, games, food, and several exhibits we didn't have time to see. It was definitely a fun way to see the museum, especially for the guys

I love this pic of John on the way out. He looks like a bird in flight. Displayed is a replica of the Liberty Bell, crack and all. The tree on the top right was a reflection in our back window... pretty cool! John and Desmond continued their fun scooping up leaves and throwing them on each other. I don't think we ever had a Halloween without coats before. It was a beautiful day!
The museum is on the right and is expanding as I type. On the left is the Museum of History which we visited last weekend and we'll visit both again!
Halloween morning our Little Men found these little ghosts on the counter. Whole Foods carries Lake Champlain chocolates!!! On our annual trips to Vermont, we would visit the Lake Champlain chocolate store... yummy!!!

We spent the rest of the day watching movies, playing games, and making apple cider doughnuts at the boys' request.
~ Jenny ~

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