Saturday, November 5, 2011

Catchin' up.... Company

Good morning!

I was going to share more food, but instead will share some delightfuly, crazy company our home had before this busy day today. Here in North Carolina we've found ourselves miles from all our friends and family: north, south, and west. What a blessing to discover a cherished couple found themselves living a couple of hours away at about the same time!

We took the Brooks to a favorite place that the boys and I discovered a couple of miles from our house. Frankie's. What a blast (and a workout) playing Lazer Tag!!!! After we hung out in the arcade part and all played. Do you notice where Joe ended up? Not surprised! Even Tim had fun racing Jordan... should I let it slip that Jordan won by a couple hundred thousand points? Shhhh....

At the house we hung, enjoyed pizza & wings (from Randy's... it's pretty good pizza!), some other goodies (fudge and such), you'll never believe what movie, and just good fellowship. We love sharing our little home with friends. ♥
~ Jenny ~


  1. hahahaha, I cant believe Tim still has that tree hanging in the dining room! He cracks me up. <3

    Looks like you all had so much fun. Frankie's looks awesome!

  2. We had the 'trunk' up because Lily was getting at it. I recently let the 'trunk' hang, but gave it a trim so it wasn't as low. Oh, goodness! Tim noticed right away that I trimmed the trunk - oops! :)