Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 6th...18 years

 Our day arrived. Eighteen amazing years and we're still going strong! (Kids will do that to ya, lol!)

 Tim likes to start the day with a message of love created out of Hershey Kisses. This year a few Butterfinger Bells were thrown in... yum! (I'm not into the kisses...) Tim and I picked out together our anniversary gift this year.... no more dish soap/soap containers on our kitchen counter! Yay!

After church we went to Brigs for brunch. The hour plus wait was worth the amazing meal we had... eggs benedict, pancakes, hash, bacon, and more. Delicious! We would definitely go again!

We chilled for most of the day and then went to Johnny Carino's for dinner. When Valerie helped us to move down, we had dined here then. I don't think I would tire of it. Everyone had a good meal and a yummy tiramisu for dessert.

I was ready to have stuffed mushrooms only to discover they were out! All Carino's had left was one mushroom. Why not try? I asked if they could just make one stuffed mushroom... and they did! Probably my favorite one yet! It was huge, beautifully plated, and scrumptious!

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