Saturday, November 5, 2011

Catchin' up... Still in October

What a chore this was! Weeding through the boys' soccer pics. Oh, how I wanted to share with y'all 5, 10, 20, no... at least 30 pics of the guys each. I settled on six and Jordan picked them out with me. If anyone has any desire to send me a 200mm tele min. with an f-stop of 2.8, feel free! Then I might be weeding through hundreds of pics! :)

The boys and I had fun with birds. We used really cool watercolor pencils and then a wet paintbrush. My guys were amazed by the transformation. I wish my art skills were good to work with the boys. That's an area of schooling I fall short. When we'd go to Florida, the boys loved art with their Aunt Jan and have been able to take advantage of a few workshops.


Sometimes we have another student, Lily. It's a rarity to see her sitting in a chair, her usual spot is on Jordan's bed or sprawled out on the school table.... the guys have a favorite place for games, their closet, lol! It was a solution for Lily wanting to play out of turn. My Little Men are certainly comfortable with their new 'home.'... Scootering in jams? What's next? :)
~ Jenny ~


  1. I 'lost' my comment...just n case it's drifting around somewhere...
    Your blog is delightful! Great photos, good action stuff, and it is indescribibly so good to see the kids, Lily, you & Tim doing the things we talk about on the phone...miss you guys, but the blog helps w/that! Of course I gain several pounds just looking at all the delicious food! Seeing Mom's mousse made me wish I could be comfortable with a gas stove so I could make mousse, pumpkin pie (Grandma's recipe-yum!), and lots of your recipes. It's probably better for me that I'm so reluctant to use that stove! I just thought...Mom and I converted the mousse recipe to all cooking being done by microwave...fudge too! Oh no, I am undone! Thanks for this blog, I love it...and my Dailey family!

  2. 'indescribably'

  3. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. I began it in the hopes of sharing our memories with family and friends we can't be with. The microwave? Mousse in the microwave? Ahhh, how does it compare? Mmmm... pumpkin pie. I will be making that next week ~ wish you could be here!

  4. I appreciate that you did this for us all. I am having a blast!!!!!