Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catchin' up... 4 Gals Come for a Visit

October brought more visitors... family from Tennessee! We just love anytime spent with Donna, Heather, Jan and Keely. My boys grew very close to their Aunt Donna and Uncle Shane while living in New York (you can see part of why with all the Halloween candy she brought for them...) and were devastated to see them move. How happy we were to spend so much time with our Tennessee family while traveling for the big job search. We hope to see much more of them now that we're only a state away. We crammed a lot into their two night visit.
The first night I enjoyed whipping up the Pork Scallopini we so love. Donna chopped away at a beautiful salad. For Dessert we tried Pioneer Woman's Cobbler for the first time ~ with blueberries. Was it ever delicious! Jordan believes it should be a weekly dish. It was most scrumptious with homemade whipped cream courtesy of Keely!

The next morning Keely joined John and I for Jordan's soccer game at 8:30, along with our Starbuck's coffee from Harris Teeter. The rest of the sleepyheads (and Tim, who had been working) joined us for John's game at 11. It was a wonderful time and enjoyed lunch at Sweet Tomatoes after the games. The kids were dying to go Frankie's, but the grown ups won out and we got to check out the Farmer's Market!
So many beautiful fruits, veggies, and plants. I do believe the kids enjoyed it, too. I'll tell y'all, it was soooo wonderful to have a girl in the bunch. I was very sad to see Keely go (and the rest of the gang.) The market also had an enjoyable indoor area of arts, crafts, and novelties. Mmmmm... I can still smell the clams we would have tried had our bellies not been full. Note the pic of the kids in front of the pumpkins... the smile didn't stay for long as their was a split. Oh, yes, we bought pumpkin guts at the market. :(

It was finally time to move on. Frankie's! Cheers from the kids. Lazer tag is a definite must, even us old folks joined in! (I won't mention that Tim beat my score this time, I'm not used to being beat in lazer tag!.... revenge!!!!) The kids had a blast with the bumper boats and spraying each other.

The kids had their turn on the racetrack. Keely sure did whip around it! I was waiting for someone to take out some tires, but all could get their driver's licenses (don't tell them I said so.) Inside the arcade we all played a bit. I do believe the entire gang had a turn at air hockey. Keely raked in the tickets (beginner's luck we decided). On the way out I eyed a Frogger machine (they have Ms. Pacman, too). If we ever go back, I know where I'm headed! Ribbit!

 Somehow, we had enough energy to crawl
over to Longhorn and wait, and wait, and wait. It was well worth waiting for! Have you ever been to one? It was so late in the evening, I wasn't hungry... until the food came. The Stuffed Mushrooms were INCREDIBLE! Shrimp, French Onion Soup, Salmon, Ribs,.... Oh, my! What a feast! That is hot chocolate pictured; the kids were in heaven.

 We came home and crashed. Okay, so maybe we gabbed a bit, and then crashed. We did spend some time hanging, working on ancestry, listening to Dailey (or should I say Kilts?) stories, playing bakugan, marbles, cards, making french toast, serving Heather Gevalia coffee, lol, and having Jan save Heather with her incredible doctoring skills!
What a blast to be had with all! We were so sad to see the gang leave. Saying goodbye is always hard, but is a must so we can say hello, again. Anyways, although we did say goodbye, it wasn't the end, because our crazy family are...

Stalkers!!!! Lol! We jumped into the van and followed them to Starbucks. (The Gevalia just wouldn't do)   ;)

It was nice to steal a few extra hugs...

...Here we are, the whole gang. We miss y'all! (Believe it or not, we still have more Tennessee family and friends, and our looking forward to visits by all!)


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  1. Had such a great time, it went by so fast....loved seeing everyone...and miss each of you, next time can't be soon enough!