Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catchin' up... More Food!

While the gals were here, I had a head of cauliflower waiting for Donna to make her dish. Well, we ran out of time. I didn't have the recipe, but I steamed the cauliflower, added cooked bacon, black olives, different cheeses, and some spices. After baking it in the oven, we served it with sour cream and dug in! Delicious!
From Cook's Country, we tried their Crispy Chicken Nuggets with various sauces. I must say we've made better sauces, but the chicken was incredible! The gang loved them. A light, crispy outside and a tender inside. I would like to try baking them next time and see if they're as good.

 Sloppy Joe's are a hit with the boys. This time we baked sweet potato fries, yummy! I never thought I would eat anything from this 'heart healthy' book. Surprise, surprise! The Chicken Marengo is to die for! We had made this for years and then I couldn't find the recipe. I'm glad I opened the 'healthy' cookbook again! The last two clips is a picture of Fire-roasted Tagliatelle. Tagliatelle is a pasta similar to fettuccine. I threw it together with some sauteed red peppers, onion, garlic, fire roasted peppers, cumin, and s&p. I also added cheese and a little cream at the end. Oooooo.... sooooo good. Next time I'm going to add black olives and sauteed mushrooms.

 Speaking of sauteed mushrooms, we love to saute them and add balsamic vinegar. A quick side, loved by all. Jordan is on the search for 'Peanut Butter Chicken.' The restaurants here don't serve it and we can't drive up North every time he wants some. This first try was horrid! Absolutely horrid! (I do have some good news coming later.) We also made Ree Drummond's Perfect Pot Roast; and was it ever! Very good!

This last set of pics is dedicated to Sausage, Peppers, & Onions, and Haluski. My parents make this meal and we love to make it in our home, too. The veggies are beautiful. The only thing is I couldn't find my recipe for the Haluski and I added caraway seeds, not remembering. Nope, it was a different creature, but still good. I prefer my Haluski without caraway seeds... note to self!
~ Jenny ~

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